Soft4Boost Secure Eraser Crack 2021

Soft4Boost Secure Eraser Crack + Serial Latest Version Free Download 2021

Soft4Boost Secure Eraser

Using internationally recognized methods, Soft4Boost Secure Eraser deletes sensitive data so securely that a reconstruction, even with special software, is no longer possible. In Soft4Boost Secure Eraser, an analysis function has been integrated which searches for data that was deleted non-securely. With just a few clicks, the computer can be cleaned to such an extent that unauthorized persons have no chance to dig out old files and misuse them.Soft4Boost Secure Eraser provides lifetime free update service and Unlimited Free technical support. Also, it provides more and more language packs for worldwide users. Also, Soft4Boost Secure Eraser interface is available in 9 languages (English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Danish and Turkish).Soft4Boost Secure Eraser supports many deletion methods and standards, such as US DoD 5220.22-M (E, ECE), VSITR, GOST? 50739-95, the Gutmann method, and many others.

Soft4Boost Secure Eraser

Soft4Boost Secure Eraser Features:

Soft4Boost Secure Erase is a very useful program that lets you completely delete any file or traces of it that might have stayed on your hard drive. In this way, you can prevent recovery programs from finding the file after you delete it. It works with photos, videos, and any other sensitive file you want to erase completely. The program interface is very simple and has several options. The first is overwriting the files. This option will overwrite everything in a particular folder or a specific location, but only superficially; however, if you want to prevent any chance of recovering a file, you can overwrite it up to seven times. With the latter option, a file recovery program would only be able to collect the last edits but could never recover the original. To add documents or folders, just locate them in your folder tree and add them to the list. Soft4Boost Secure Erase can remove as many files as you need, so add as many to the list as you want and get rid of them almost instantly. Click on the delete button, and in a matter of seconds, the application will have deleted them forever.Soft4Boost Secure Eraser interface is available in 9 languages (English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Danish and Turkish).

Soft4Boost Secure Eraser

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